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maintenance-free disinfection cabins – prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses, and fungus, which are on bodies, clothes, and shoes of customers and employees who comes from the outside.

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Geosept Cabin

Size: 1537 / 851 / 225

hands and soles disinfection;​

temperature measurement;

anti-virus fogging;​

applying the nano protective coating;​

light signaling system;​

instruction with pictograms;

mini - fogger with a spring.

Tanks for preparation – 2 pressure tanks for 18 l and 3 auxiliary tanks for 40 l.

Cycle time – approximately 20 sec (double nozzle).

Hybridsept Cabin

Size: 1537 / 851 / 225

hands and soles disinfection;​

temperature measurement;

anti-virus fogging;​

light signaling system;​

instruction with pictograms;

mini-fogger with a spring + ultrasonic system.

Tanks for preparation – 3 for 40 l.

Cycle time – approximately 15 sec (single fogging).

Nozzles spraying disinfection liquid all over the body.
Nozzles spraying antibacterial liquid all over the body (Geosept Cabin).
Disinfection in Hybridsept Cabin is done by fogging in a closed cabin.
Sensors detecting the presence in the cabin.
Nozzle spraying disinfection liquid on footwear.
Antiseptic mat.
Wireless device – signaling higher body temperature.

Instruction on how to use the cabin.

Screen showing commands and status of the examination.
Temperature reading and availability are indicated by adequate light.
If there is a higher body temperature detected, a warning is displayed, an acoustic and visual alarm goes off in the cabin, and also an acoustic alarm in the wireless device (in secretary’s office or monitoring center) goes off.
Temperature sensor.
Applicator for hands disinfection.

Main advantages and functions of Geosept and Hybridsept disinfection cabins

polish construction and service

  • modularity, easy transport, and quick installation;
  • frame of the cabins is made of stainless steel, which is very durable and corrosion-resistant;
  • the sheathing is made of weightless, thermoplastic material;
  • easy and safe service guaranteed by access to disinfection fluids.

Optimal and safe disinfection

  • patent-pending unique two-stage fogging system, ensuring optimal user disinfection;
  • efficient elimination of viruses, microbes, and bacteria which are on clothes, and creating special protective coat on disinfected surfaces;
  • adjusted cycle time and high throughput;
  • low consumption of disinfection liquids (one full tank is enough for over 2000 cycles);
  • best automatization of sprayed liquids on the market, which guarantees efficient fogging and comfort of use;
  • only certificated disinfection liquids are used inside the cabins;
  • by using disinfection mats and the lower part of the air-pressure nozzle, the lower parts of legs and customer footwear are disinfected (only in Geosept cabin).


  • reliable and proven solutions from SIEMENS company are responsible for cabin automatization;
  • fast and contact-free temperature measurement;
  • wireless sound warning device giving information about higher body temperature of the cabin user;
  • polish instruction of the cabin displayed on the LCD screen;
  • intuitive system of light indicators and pictograms;
  • possibility to extend the instruction to other languages;
  • automatic information about fluids levels;
  • automatic system of counting users of the cabin during the day, week, and month.


Schools and universities
Theatres and cinemas
Shopping centers
Sports facilities
Exhibitions and conferences

Preparations are certified by The National Institute of Hygiene

Hand disinfection liquid

  • is biocidal for bacteria, fungus, mycobacterium tuberculosis, viruses;
  • has skin-friendly pH;
  • contained glycerin moisturizes and nourishes hands.

Disinfection liquid for footwear and whole body

  • this is hospital-grade preparation;
  • has highly oxidizing properties and doesn’t cause discoloration;
  • is non-toxic;
  • doesn’t cause any skin or eyes irritations;
  • is bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal;
  • doesn’t cause any skin allergies.

Nano protective coating

  • is bactericidal and fungicidal;
  • creates a protective film on surfaces;
  • is non-toxic and hypoallergenic;
  • doesn’t cause any skin, eyes, and mucous membranes irritations.

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